Research Service Bureau

Professional, Secure, Trusted - Insurance and Legal Claim Support Services

Every case we handle, whether domestic or foreign, is managed by a knowledgeable professional, experienced in the investigation required. Up to date, detailed documentation is provided promptly to assist you in making your claim decision.

Delivering unbiased, objective information.

Knowledgeable professionals and prompt documentation

We tailor all our domestic and international assignments with two elements in mind your satisfaction and your bottom line.

By combining 30 years of extensive investigative experience with first-rate customer service, the RSB team is focused on delivering superior results and outstanding value.

RSB helps clients fight fraud by gathering facts and delivering unbiased, objective information about a claim.

Research Service Bureau specializes in Claims Support for Life Products, Waiver of Premium and Disability Carriers. We provide professional Claimant and Beneficiary Interviews, Provider Canvasses, Social Media reviews along with our Records Retrieval services. Record retrieval may include collecting Medical Records, Pharmacy Records, Police Reports, Autopsy Reports, Toxicology Reports, as well as any other case-related documents such as Employment Verification and Professional License Checks.

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