Research Service Bureau
Record Retrieval Services

Surveillance, Claimant Profile, Interviews, Life Product Support Offshore

We offer the ability to conduct investigations in foreign languages including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Greek and Hebrew plus others. This ability has afforded us the versatility to complete the most complex types of fraud assignments, as well as loss prevention and general investigations. Our in-house team of computer forensics examiners utilizes the latest techniques, equipment and software along with sound and proven forensic examination procedures to extract data without affecting the integrity of the original media. Often this digital evidence can be pivotal in bringing successful closure to a case.


Research Service Bureau manages short and long term surveillance in the interest of our clients to provide the documentation needed to bring fact based decisions to a case.  We have expertise in all US Markets and most Foreign Countries where permissible by law.  


An efficient way to approach a case is to first understand the claimant. RSB creates a full profile of facts and activity. This process mines a variety of sources including the Internet and proprietary databases. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, are a starting point, however our in depth work goes beyond to search for user’s comments, photos and links to other sites and personnel. Typically, results in this area can include: Real Property Search, Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Search, Corporate Employment or Ownership Search, Business/Professional License Investigation, Criminal History, Financial Asset, Federal, State and County Court Activity, Social Media Activity, Interests/Hobbies/Associations, and Gym Canvass.


In many cases, meeting the claimant and understanding their needs can prove the best outcome. RSB routinely conducts interviews on behalf of our clients to gather information, and even negotiate a settlement that benefits both parties. Our interviews are conducted by professional, highly experienced and trained staff members, and managed by our in-house psychotherapist.