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Our Team has Decades of Experience with Retrieval & Canvassing Records of All Types

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We Are Your Record Retrieval Special Forces

When you can’t get the record, the RSB team can.

Our record retrieval process begins with a telephone contact with the provider to confirm the existence and location of the provider, confirm that the record in question is available, and to make arrangements for the fastest and most economical procurement of that record.

When we receive the record, we confirm that it is for the subject in question and that it covers the time period of concern to the claims examiner. The records are then returned securely. Our aim is to always balance speed with economy.

Canvassing and retrieval go hand in hand. We provide a thorough canvassing of hospitals, pharmacies, and medical offices within a specified radius of the subject’s residence or workplace to locate records. Those facilities are then contacted to confirm that profile information exists. That information is then provided directly to the client or we will arrange for the immediate securing of the records if that is requested. Like every aspect of our business, this service is managed by claims professionals who have the experience and expertise to know what information is relevant to your search and who are able to competently discuss the situation with the requester should the need arise.


Our skilled staff have the ability to quickly locate the source housing reports, regardless of the area or circumstances. Should specific information be needed or the reports are held up during litigation, our staff can interview such entities as the Investigator assigned to the case. With a proven track record and continually updated database, we are your best source for quick retrieval of Police and Accident reports.

It can an experienced hand to locate Coroner’s Reports, Autopsy Reports, and Toxicology Reports, particularly in rural areas where other entities act as the Coroner. Our highly trained staff are able to locate the appropriate entities and obtain the reports needed to settle your claim.

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