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Research Service Bureau GmbH has extensive Global Expertise in Risk Management services.  Our Overseas Staff have the expertise you need to complete your project efficiently.  See our International Website for the details of our capabilities.

About Us

Research Service Bureau are specialists in providing solutions for a wide range of security and intelligence needs. We partner with both government and private sector clients to address the issues they may face in complex and challenging environments. We provide innovative solutions through rigorous research, insight and understanding. Our team is able to utilize its in-depth expertise to develop long term relationships in order to provide a tailored approach to our client’s needs. We offer a broad range of services to help our client base deal with a complex risk environment. Our team has a proven track record in specialist risk management and security related services, particularly in developing markets.

Research Service Bureau helps clients navigate unfamiliar terrain and provide insight into your business operations. Our team are able to provide the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to resolve any conflict. Through critical analysis and in-depth investigations we are able to provide a wide array of corporate research services.
RSB International provides access to a network of senior consultants, specialist investigators and security specialists. We support our clients with the ability to conduct Due Diligence, Asset Verification, Litigation Support and Business Intelligence, Fraud investigation, Personnel Vetting, Background Checks, Pre-Litigation Investigations, Intelligence Gathering and Political Risk Analysis. 

Risk Management and Training

Our team of dedicated experts are able to provide clients with the skills and procedures to ensure the speedy resolution of any emergency situation. RSB helps in establishing the correct infrastructure, procedures and training to safeguard organisations against emergency situations.

Our specialist team that has the ability to provide risk management services for critical infrastructure, transport systems and company facilities. RSB and its partners can provide a complete protection package for a client’s operations while helping to improve business continuity and future risk.

Through identifying specific threats to an operation, site or facility RSB can help to create a comprehensive individual security strategy for your company. With industry specialists, RSB and its alliance partners are able to provide hard site analysis, vetting procedures and security training.

Cyber Security

With the growth in frequency of high-profile cyber-attacks, it is clear that most companies need to take more preventative measures to protect their data. RSB are able to provide a complete cyber security package to ensure full system protection and to mitigate against data loss. The ability to locate vulnerabilities in advance limits the risk of a data breach or loss of systems. RSB assists it's clients in making informed decisions when approaching cyber security measures. RSB can provide internal and external systems penetration tests that provide a comprehensive and prioritized view of what should be done to best protect them from the growing number of cyber threats. RSB aims to advise and implement the correct solutions to ensure our clients are prepared to fend off future attacks and threats.