Current Post Pandemic Trends: 

Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed that covid illnesses have had a large impact on individuals. This can be due to the severity of the illness along with the lingering side effects. As safety mandates are being lifted all across the world, many individuals are still having issues dealing with post covid risks. This can specifically be related to individuals that are more high risk due to previous medical conditions that can weaken specific organs due to covid. Trends have shown that new variants are continuing to be formed and that we are completely not over covid-19.

How Does This Impact Claims:

The continuation of Covid variants along with the long-term side effects is resulting in high-level increases in medical claims. Our team has witnessed a large volume of medical claim cases over the past few years during the pandemic. If you believe that all of the sudden these cases will decrease, we believe that information is incorrect. We are witnessing that claims are continuing to peak due to the lingering effects of covid. Insurers have been dealing with a large volume of cases and there is a large possibility that these claims will continue to present themselves because of the long-term effects the virus could have on individuals. 

How RSB Can Contribute: 

As newer variants continue to surge, our team at the Research Service Bureau is continuing to stay on top of all claims. Understanding that many industries are struggling with handling their claims. We are determined to reach out with a helping hand to help ease our client’s needs. Research Service Bureau has been fully functional and operational throughout the pandemic while following all Covid-19 guidelines. As restrictions begin to ease up our team will continue to follow current guidelines while still being an asset to our clients. We are proud to stay on top of our client claim services and help reduce their claims inventory during the pandemic.

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