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We Are Hiring! (Record Retrieval Specialist)

We are a rapidly expanding domestic and international insurance service firm looking for a part-time (25-30 hours weekly) Record Retrieval Specialist. Responsibilities include data entry, maintaining procedures for record retrieval data collection input, answering...

Post Pandemic: Medical Claim Trends

Current Post Pandemic Trends:  Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed that covid illnesses have had a large impact on individuals. This can be due to the severity of the illness along with the lingering side effects. As safety mandates are being lifted all across...

Integrating Investigations Services

Our team at Research Service Bureau is able to provide a variety of in-depth services to our clients. With a proven track record and over 30 years years of premium service, RSB is able to help clients through integrity, service, and professionalism.

Navigating Death Claims

Navigating death claims and record retrieval is difficult because HIPAA remains in place even after a death, yet the deceased can no longer sign for the release of their records.

Specialist Viewpoint – Authorizations as a Road Block to Record Retrieval

They’ve sent the request back. They want another authorization signed. We’ve all been there. The facility or copy service doesn’t think the insurance company’s blanket authorization is sufficient. So, what are they looking for on the authorizations? As time goes on,...

Benefits of Record Retrieval in Personal Injury Cases

When working in legal arenas, fraud is always a concern. One of the largest areas for this concern is in Personal Injury cases. As an investigative company assisting both attorneys and insurance companies, we understand that soft and hard insurance fraud is serious...

The Difference Between Contestable & Non-contestable Claims

The most common types of life insurance claims are contestable and non-contestable claims. The contestable claim is a life insurance policy that has ages less than two years when an insured dies. A non-contestable claim is a policy that cannot be investigated by the...

Latest News & Industry Insights

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