Research Service Bureau


Combining extensive investigative experience with first-rate customer service.

The RSB team is focused on delivering superior results and outstanding value.

RSB provides assistance in claims support to many of the industry's top 50 Insurance Companies as well as the Legal and Business Professions.

Our Plan

To partner with our clients to deliver the pertinent information they seek in a format they value, and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our History

Established in 1981, Research Service Bureau, Inc. (RSB) is a rapidly expanding domestic and international insurance services firm with offices in Seattle, New York, New Jersey, and Vienna, Austria. RSB provides medical information, risk management and investigative services to the insurance, legal and business communities.

Our Team

Every investigation we undertake, whether domestic or foreign, is handled by a knowledgeable professional, experienced in the particular type of investigation required.  Our teams of researchers have the experience, backed up by proven successes, to achieve factual, cost-effective, efficient and expedient results.



Research Service Bureau GmbH tailors every assignment to the needs of the client. We combine extensive intelligence experience, cross-border investigative experience and excellent customer service. RSB provides each and every client with the superior solution they require.